About Us

The MARTOCK™ was invented by Moshe Dolev, the co-founder of the RAV-BARIACH® (Mul-T-Lock®) Company and the man who invented RAV-BARIACH® (Mul-T-Lock®) locks, the PLADELET® high-security steel door, padlocks with secure hasps, a cylinder lock with telescopic pins and dozens of other inventions, including many other products in that Company's product range. Presently, he is the CEO of our firm, which manufactures and distributes the MARTOCK™ high-security lock.

About the Name, Logo & Slogan

The name: in Hebrew, MARTOCK™ implies a device that anchors the door to the doorframe.

The logo: the rotating bolt is similar, in essence, to an anchor, hence the logo design – a key terminating with an anchor.

• The slogan: as many of the 4,000,000 owners of high-security steel doors in Israel are unaware of the increasing burglary plague, we have decided to sound the alarm – wake up, people, because it's essential to RESTORE YOUR DOOR!

Why Would You Need an Extra Lock on Your Existing High-Security Steel Door?

The first PLADELET® (patented high-security steel door) was launched in Israel in 1976. Since then, some 4,000,000 (four million!!!) PLADELET®, RAV-BARIACH® and other high-security steel doors have been sold and installed in Israeli homes. This is an unprecedented amount considering the size of the population and the number of households in Israel. For decades, these high-security steel doors provided excellent protection against burglary. In recent years, the number of burglaries involving high-security steel doors has risen sharply, and the inevitable question is – WHY ? Has the steel softened? Has it weakened? The answer is unbelievable: the number of burglaries involving these doors has risen simply because in most Israeli houses there are no other types of doors!

The two million high-security steel doors installed in Israeli houses represent a market penetration of almost 100%. When a burglar enters an apartment building today, the option that had existed before, namely – to prefer a door other than a high-security steel door as it would be easier to break through – is no longer available. As the burglar "must make a living" and in the absence of any other options – he will attempt to break through high-security steel doors!!! The various vault-type locks installed as auxiliary locks do not help. For obvious reasons, we will not describe the weak spots burglars had identified in the existing high-security steel doors. Suffice it to say that we have the solution that will provide you, the customer, with excellent protection against burglary of your old and reliable high-security steel door:


The MARTOCK™ – Primary Features & Advantages

All of the external parts of the MARTOCK™ are cast of stainless steel using the precision casting method, a high-quality, costly method used primarily in the manufacture of weapon parts and parts used in the 'hot' sections of jet engines, where the working temperatures and loads are extremely high.

Maximum Security

In addition to the fact that the MARTOCK™ is cast of hardened S.ST 420 and has particularly thick walls, it incorporates various other elements that possess exceptional strength:

• Rotating bolt: the MARTOCK™ has a rotating bolt, cast of hardened S.ST 420 and capable of withstanding tensile forces of about 4,500 kg (about 4.5 tons). When it rotates inside its hasp, it provides a very tight grip from the inside, and there is no burglary tool in existence that is capable of prying it out.

• Reinforcing spacers: a registered patent and a MARTOCK™ exclusive – as high-security steel doors are hollow, and in order to securely tighten the bolts attaching the lock to the door without causing the door to collapse, we invented specialized reinforcing spacers. These spacers are inserted into the door through the holes drilled for the lock, and they support the inside of the door against the pressures exerted by the tightening bolts. The spacers link the external and internal door panels together, forming a tough, durable 'box' that reinforces the door in the area where the MARTOCK™ is installed.

• Lock-to-door attachment: the MARTOCK™ is attached to the door using four 8mm diameter, all-steel Allen bolts. The hasp is attached to the doorframe using three 8mm diameter Allen bolts plus 3 anchors positioned behind and perpendicularly to the doorframe. This arrangement eliminates any possibility of prying or tearing the hasp off the doorframe.

• Prevention of drilling: high-security locks have featured a rotating disc for decades. Contrary to other locks, however, the disc contained in the MARTOCK™ is cast of 8mm thick & hardened stainless steel 420 and is practically impossible to drill through or pry off. In addition to this disc, the MARTOCK™ features, at the front part of the cylinder, two 3mm diameter hardened steel pins. These pins can rotate freely, thereby preventing drilling even by a tungsten carbide drill bit. It should be noted that all of the drilling prevention features of the MARTOCK™ are provided in addition to the protective features included as standard in the cylinder.

• Zigzag butt-joint line: the surface providing contact between the MARTOCK™ and its hasp is formed with a zigzag pattern, thereby preventing the insertion of a pry bar or large screwdriver, commonly used by burglars.

• Convenience & security: the cylinder lock used with the MARTOCK™ is the Mul-T-Lock Interactive Protected® cylinder, known as one of the best cylinder locks in the world. You, the customer, can order the MARTOCK™ with a keyed-alike cylinder that matches the existing cylinder in your high-security steel door, or ask your locksmith for a "dual-facet key" (both cost extra), namely – a key where one side matches the MARTOCK™ and the other side (that has a different locking combination) matches the existing cylinder. This will allow you to open both locks using a single key – despite the fact that the cylinder combinations are different. We recommend that family members be provided with dual-facet keys as described, while housemaids and service personnel should be provided with a key that only opens one of the locks.

• Cutting duplicate keys: duplicate keys, including dual-facet keys, may be cut by any Mul-T-Lock® certified locksmith.

• The position of the MARTOCK™: another unique feature of the MARTOCK™ involves the fact that it is installed externally on the door, outside the apartment. This position has been chosen for three important reasons:

1. It allows for optimal attachment of the hasp (the opposite part of the lock body, into which the rotating bolt fits) to the doorframe, whether the doorframe is a steel-covered wooden frame or an embedded, concrete reinforced steel doorframe

2. The principle reflected in the expression "Not only must justice be done; it must also be seen to be done" applies to security and locks as well: it is important that the security measures be visible, so as to deter the burglars.

3. The MARTOCK™ is "not afraid to be left outside". From the outset, the finest and most suitable materials and the best and most effective technologies had been selected for its manufacture. For this reason, it is sufficiently strong and tough to provide excellent protection against all known burglary methods, including the method currently used by burglars to break through the existing high-security steel doors. Naturally, as long as there are high-security steel doors in the building which are not fitted with the MARTOCK™ the burglar will prefer to tackle these doors first.

Patent Protection

The MARTOCK™ lock is protected by:

US Patent 7,343,763 B2

Israel patent 188006 Eurasia patent 012233 (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russian fed).

International patent application WO 2006/134594 A2 (Patent Pending), which has already been implemented in many countries around the globe.